INTDS-2010 will focus on the following topics:

  • Preparation techniques for thin films and foils
  • Stripper foils and beam stripping techniques
  • High power targets
  • Radioactive Targets
  • Liquid and gas targets
  • Isotopic enrichment and materials
  • Target characterization
  • Targets and coatings for medical isotope production and special applications

Abstracts should not exceed one page, letter size paper, including the authors’ names and affiliation, and should be submitted before August 15, 2010. Abstracts may be edited and reformatted by the Local Organizing Committee.  Please submit your contribution to both Stefan Zeisler ( and James Somerville ( Please send your abstract as MS Word or Open Office document as well as in pdf format to ensure correct character encoding.

Alternatively, abstracts may be sent by fax to +1(604)221-0436.


The Conference Proceedings will be published as a Supplement of Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A. All contributions will be peer reviewed.

Papers should not exceed 12 typewritten pages and should be prepared according to the Instruction for Authors for NIM-A. Please click here to refer to the journal’s home page for details.

The author to whom the proofs will be sent must be indicated with his/her full mailing address, telephone number, fax number and email address. Please include one to four PACS codes and up to six key words.

Participants are required to hand in their full papers at the Conference. There will be no grace period for late submissions. Manuscripts not received by the end of the conference will be excluded from publication in the Proceedings.

Furthermore, the Editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts which are not returned during the review / editing process in a timely fashion.

By submitting an abstract to INTDS-2010, authors consent to comply with the rules outlined above.